Ken Rosenberg, L.Ac. Traditional Ways Healing Center

Welcome. I am a Chinese Medical Practitioner specializing in acupuncture and herbal medicine. I provide high quality personalized treatments in a supportive and nurturing environment. As a full family care practitioner, I look forward to treating you and your family and offering new insights into your healing. I am available for consultation and appointments in my El Cerrito and San Francisco locations.

"My treatments with Ken have been deeply healing, relaxing and rejuvenating on many levels. Ken is undeniably talented as an acupuncturist and his skill level can help facilitate true healing even in one session. I always feel safe and graciously received when I'm in the presence of this kind and masterful being, and I highly recommend Ken for my friends and community." - Sianna S.

"For more years than I can count, I struggled with digestive and menstrual irregularities that were painful and extremely disruptive to my life. I went to many Western doctors and none of them came close to making me feel any better. I was resigned to a life of pain and discomfort until I visited Ken. Within six months, my body went through a total transformation and I finally understood what it was like to feel "normal." No one should have to suffer in their bodies, and thanks to Ken, I no longer do." - Anna O.

“Ken is patient, kind, attentive and effective. He clearly cares deeply about his craft and its healing potential. I continue to send many friends and family members to Ken, including those new to Eastern medicine and those who are familiar with its power.” -Steve W.